Sep 20, 2022

Tips on Having a Relaxed Getting Ready on Your Wedding Day

Your special day is approaching, and I realize you have a lot on your plate as a future bride, but with a few tips and tricks, your big moment will be as smooth as possible. You will soon understand that with the right advice, you will be prepared beforehand and have fun at your wedding. Even though a lot is going on, it’s all leading up to the moment you finally get to say “I do” to your beloved! Weddings bring so much joy and delight, and getting ready for that big day starts months ahead. The key is to be prepared in time so that nothing unexpected may surprise you.

As a Seattle wedding photographer with many celebrations under my belt, trust me, I have seen it all. Getting ready for the iconic moment means rereading this short (but very important) list of must-know wedding tips for your calm and relaxed wedding morning. Because I wish every bride to be as relaxed as possible and savor her whole day, I will help you to prepare for your day properly. In essence, the morning sets the tone for the rest of the event, so let us make sure you begin with the best energy possible!

Before we begin, the most crucial piece of advice I can offer is to embrace every part of the day, starting with a relaxed and peaceful morning. My efforts are to point out to all of you how you can relax and let your day unfold one step at a time. Without further ado, here are a few methods that will help you prepare ahead of time to ensure a stress-free wedding morning!

Have an Early Night

The most important tip is to go to bed early the night before your wedding day. Of course, it’s not so simple to fall asleep with all the excitement running high, but there are easy ways to soothe that overwhelming feeling. For example, you can sip a cup of some delicious chamomile tea, listen to soothing music, or engage in a lot of activities the day before so your body is naturally ready to fall asleep. Countless brides and grooms have told me that they would only sleep for a couple of hours the night before because they didn’t find some tips to soothe their minds. Sleeping is important to be fully prepared to have the time of your life, and now that you know how, I would urge you to try several things that may put you in a better mood to drift off.

Practice Mindfulness and Meditation

One of the best wedding planning tips for the morning on the day of is to take some really deep breaths. Sit in silence with just your wonderful self and your thoughts. Unite with your excited heartbeat. Be present in that magical moment because it will not repeat itself. Put your headphones on and play some calm, relaxing music. Simply open Youtube and easily find meditative music that will help you embrace all the overwhelming emotions.

The Timeline For Hair and Makeup is Crucial

As a Seattle wedding photographer, I cannot count the times when I have witnessed the bridal hair and makeup running late. It can happen easily, but at the very least, by reading this, you will be one step ahead and can avoid it! Consult your hair/makeup stylist for an idea of how long this process will take when organizing your wedding-day timeline, and then add at least a 45-minute cushion time – just in case. Confirm your bridal party’s schedule with the make-up artists, including how long will take to prepare everyone. In this way, you will be able to avoid surprises.

Choose Your Support Circle Carefully

Getting ready (on a wedding day) means soaking in every moment in a safe space. Thus, you need to make sure to choose the intimate support circle carefully around you. This circle should consist only of the people you love and cherish the most. Ones that will be a real support to you on this very significant day. The day’s preparations should be low-key, relaxed, and limited to only the VIPs. Extra individuals in the space can sometimes be a bit much! Please request any other visitors who aren’t part of the group to respect your time while you get ready. Consider leaving a note on the door.

Have a Working Plan Ready with Your Photographer

As a Seattle wedding photographer, I cannot stress enough the importance of having all the details ready with your chosen professional. Brides should always be prepared in time for their getting ready photos. That said, you should choose a bright room with a large window for lots of natural light before the day itself. I would also suggest considering this when choosing your venue. Make sure you prepare your accessories, jewelry, and meaningful heirlooms in the room where you will be getting ready.

To save time, I always request my couple to prepare all of the items before I arrive. For example, have your wedding dress ready for the photos. Bring all of your beautiful accessories, stationery, and even flowers. It is more convenient for both you and your photographer to have all the details ready so that you wouldn’t lose time searching for some piece that should be in the photos.

Here’s an extra tip when it comes to hanging dresses! For your dress photo, make sure to get a stylish, unique, or wooden hanger. Gowns are usually delivered to you on a plastic hanger, which does not show the beauty of your chosen design properly. 

Need more suggestions on how to tackle your wedding seamlessly? Feel free to reach out; I will be delighted to help you. Also, if you want me to come in earlier to shoot the relaxed morning of your wedding day, let’s chat!

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