For you, It's like opening & reading a love letter

Giving you the whole experience


Taking photos on a film camera is like writing a love letter. From beginning to finish, every step is full of romance. Every shutter press is intentional just like the every word choice you make while writing a love letter. And the result, the film scans, is filled with surprises.

So for you, adding this service to your wedding collection means you'll be receiving a love letter from me. You just never know how your film photos will turn out but when you receive them, the emotions will flood in. You'll be able to put each photo in an album, and jot down some notes beside each one in your own handwriting.

I don't just want to deliver photos - I want to bring you into an experience of enjoying this form of media that brings you the feeling of nostalgia. THIS is a 'Love Letter' from me to you.

 Love Letter  




Not For Everyone,
But It Is For You

If you want a unique experience

Coming Soon in 2024