Dec 15, 2021

What is an Intimate Wedding & 3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Having One

If you landed on this page while searching for ‘Intimate Wedding Planning’, you’re probably one of the thousands of couples who are eagerly anticipating the day you can finally say “I do”. And you’re probably eager to get started with your wedding planning process. From searching for the best person to handle your wedding photography to the most delicious food to supply your guests with during the event, there’s a seemingly endless number of factors to consider.

It’s exciting, right? But, before you start typing away at your computer, you’ll need to figure out the most important aspect first: the type of wedding you’ll have.

You heard that right: There is not just one way to have a wedding! Though we all know what a traditional event looks like, that doesn’t mean you can’t do things your own way — it’s your special day, after all.

So, what exactly are we talking about here? Well, if you have yet to investigate some of the different options available, you should consider having an intimate wedding.

Chances are, you have some questions. Don’t worry; I have answers!


As the name suggests, an intimate wedding generally looks the same as a traditional wedding in terms of how the event is organized. You’ll have the same dreamy walk down the aisle, delicious food, emotional first dance, and everything else you’ve always dreamed of.

Still, there is one main difference: THE SIZE OF THE GUEST LIST.

Compared to the average guest number of conventional weddings, which usually land somewhere around 150 people, an intimate wedding could range from as little as 2 guests to 70 at most.

At first glance, some people might jump to the conclusion that this is just a way to save on expenses during the wedding planning process. However, this is entirely not the case!

See, an intimate wedding is a perfect way for couples to connect with every guest on their list, making them part of the event, rather than simple observers. The guests of honor will have more time to have meaningful interactions with their loved ones, and their wedding photography will also befit, as more time can be spent taking pictures of the smaller group.

Furthermore, a couple who plans on having an intimate Seattle wedding isn’t necessarily taking the “cheap” route. These events could still have the same budget as a traditional one, only with more resources to spend on each guest!

Overall, this is an increasingly popular option for couples who want to make the most of their experience and create memories to last a lifetime. If you’re still not convinced, let’s review some of the most notable advantages an intimate wedding can offer!


Even though wedding planning is one of the most thrilling things a person can do, it’s no secret that it can simultaneously be one of the most stressful.

As you detail a plan for how you want to celebrate this special day, you’ll come across a seemingly never-ending list of considerations. From sending invitations to figuring out the proper number of favors to purchase, to ensuring you find a venue that can accommodate everyone, it’s not exactly the easiest process ever.

Unfortunately, big weddings can amplify these worries, as more guests equal more things to oversee!

The simple solution to this problem? An intimate wedding with fewer guests.

Ultimately, the fewer people you plan to invite, the fewer tasks you’ll need to manage in the long run. Furthermore, the ones that you do take care of will be much less stressful. As such, you’ll have more time to relax and enjoy the days leading up to your wedding, rather than spend them in a stressful whirlwind of frantic planning.


Unless you have a bottomless wallet, organizing a large Seattle wedding will usually require you to make a few sacrifices along the way. You could end up needing to cut a few things from the event to avoid going over budget, like those gorgeous wedding photography backdrops you’d been dreaming about or the high-end floral company that makes the most beautiful flower arrangements you’ve ever seen.

Of course, that doesn’t mean your wedding is absolutely ruined, but it does mean you’re missing out on a few extra pieces of magic to make it that much more special.

With an intimate wedding, however, you’re likely to have a more flexible budget that can be spent on these precious details. You’ll have more funds to cover the special décor vision you’ve had since you were a teenager, invest in fancy invitations with high-quality paper, and so much more — all without needing to break the bank.


The decorations, vendors, and other aspects you choose during your wedding planning process are always important, but they can’t compare to the most crucial aspect of the entire event: the guests!

Ultimately, weddings are special celebrations that can reunite old friends, create new connections, and so much more — all in just a few hours. And, though it might seem counter-intuitive, a wedding with just a small handful of guests is the best way to maintain this sense of bonding. In comparison, large gatherings make it easy for a couple to get “lost” in the mix, reducing your ability to personally interact with those you’ve worked so hard to invite.

Limit your wedding to a close-knit group of people and you can spend as much time as you like mingling with those present. Whether they’re all family, all friends, or an equal mix of both, you’re guaranteed to remember each face that attended the celebration.


Convinced that an intimate wedding is the best choice for you? Great! Now, you’ll need someone who can help you remember the moment forever.

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