Dec 23, 2022

First Look With Your Dad: Your Little Girl, All Grown Up

Oh, how we all love first looks. It’s a non-stoppable trend that has only been rising in popularity. It is no secret that all photographers love these intimate sessions. Capturing such emotional moments is one of the highlights of any wedding. The teary eyes, the look of love, the gentle kiss on the cheek, the tight embrace, the trembling heart, what’s there not to love?  The first look with your bridegroom will be one of the sweetest moments a photographer could ever capture, but trust me, the first look with your dad will be exceptional. The proud look on the father’s face when he sees his daughter in a wedding gown for the first time, realizing his little girl is all grown up. A soul-shattering moment that any family member would love to have captured! 

Your wedding photographer can catch that split second of genuine emotion that dads are so seldom willing to express by planning an intimate, private reveal. If you are wondering whether to do one, I will list why doing a father-daughter first glance on your special day is a good idea. As an ideal alternative to the traditional first look between the bride and groom, the first look with your dad may be the perfect option if you enjoy having a meaningful surprise but favor the traditional aisle reveal!

The perfect substitute for the traditional bride and groom first look

If you like the concept of the first look but prefer the classic aisle reveal, the father-daughter first look might be the best option for you! Most brides share their first-look options with their dads, but some brides like to share this moment with their moms, siblings, and of course, bridesmaids. However, opting for a reveal with your dad is always special as you get to witness his most heartwarming emotions!

You’ll get images that capture the raw feelings and the essence behind your and your dad’s first glance, complete with tears, laughter, and lots of hugs – without forsaking your traditional beliefs. It’s a win-win situation for you as a bride because you’ll get a unique experience and heartfelt images that will fill your heart with love and your eyes with tears of joy every time you look at them. 

Of course, doing a father-daughter first look doesn’t mean that you cannot do the first look with your beloved! In fact, you are free to do whatever your heart desires as long as it feels right for your love story.

Bride and dad looking at each other, smiling

Can’t – hold – all- the – emotions – inside kind of beautiful

Rather than looking for your dad in between the festive crowds or approaching him in a noisy hotel lobby, a father-daughter first look allows your father to see you totally dressed up in a controlled and peaceful environment. Additionally, because your photographer has control over the location, you will have nicely composed photographs. Furthermore, when you get your wedding photo album, you will be able to recapture the feelings all over again.

A chance to include your dad in the most memorable moments of your life

Before the wedding ceremony, the fathers are usually hanging out with groomsmen or alone, impatiently waiting to see their little girls in their beautiful wedding gowns for the very first time. So if you doubt whether you should do a first look with your dad, consider that by doing this, you’re giving him the opportunity to also become a part of his girl’s special moments before walking down the aisle.

It gives you and your father a few moments together

Mesmerizing, emotional, and overwhelming are one of the many ways to describe weddings. A lot of people will come to you and congratulate you. You’ll be saying a lot of ‘Thank you’s, and you’ll hug and kiss so many of your wonderful friends and family. However, every bride is aware of the beautiful chaos awaiting her. That’s why one of the best wedding tips is that before things get loud and crowded, it’s important to share at least a few moments of silence with the people you love the most.

Choose somebody you can indeed be yourself around them. And who’s a better choice than your good, old papa? By sharing these few special moments, you’ll connect on a deeper level and make memories that will live with you forever.

A chance to see your proud papa

Every parent lives to see their little girl/boy thrive in life. Moms and dads dream about seeing their kids graduate, get married, buy their first home, get their driver’s licenses and be genuinely happy. Parents are the happiest and proudest when their kids are happy. So when a father sees his little girl about to be married, in her gorgeous wedding dress, looking all pretty and stunning, he will feel so proud and fulfilled!

As a wedding photographer, I cannot begin to describe the pride, the joy, and all the pure sentiment I see drawn on every father’s face when they do the first look with their daughter. Fathers live for these moments, so it would be a wonderful and one-of-a-kind experience to do this with your papa.

Getting ready on a wedding day with your family

A chance to enjoy the spontaneous moments

Starting with your first kiss as a married couple to the secret smile you exchange with your best friend as she toasts to your eternal love, your wedding day will be filled with big and small moments. Natural interactions will occur if you allow yourself enough time, and your wedding photographer will be able to capture many candid memories!

If you do not intend to share a father-daughter first look well before the wedding, you may find yourself caught up in the sequence of festivities and the thrill of the occasion, not being able to pay attention to your dad. However, you can connect with your father genuinely and meaningfully by sharing the first look and later unwind and enjoy the celebrations.

If you wish to do the first look with your dad’s photographs and you are doing a wedding in Seattle, make sure you contact me. As a Seattle wedding photographer, I’ll be more than happy to capture all the delightful and beautiful moments of your special event! Also, if you would like to see more of my work, make sure you take a look at my gallery!

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