Sep 10, 2022

5 Reasons to do a First Look: The Beginning of Your Wedding Day Together

A First Look is that magical moment when the couple glances at one another for the first time on their wedding day. In contrast to typical weddings, where the couple intends to see each other during the ceremony, this is not the case. The couple gets to savor the moment’s intimacy privately instead of having all eyes on them.

That evokes a certain romantic note that sets the tone for the rest of the day. Due to the beautiful emotions experienced during the first look, seeing one another before the ceremony is becoming increasingly popular.

Considering doing a first look photoshoot on your iconic day? Read on to find out whether that is the right step for you as a couple. 

First Look allows you to spend time alone

Starting with the most obvious reason – you get to relish your intimacy. Weddings truly pass in a heartbeat with all the excitement happening – this will be your chance to have some moments together and soak in that one-of-a-kind feeling of romance. Without the pressure of having all eyes on you, the first look will be a relaxing experience for both, even taking the edge off. During this session, you will have a safe space to unleash your emotion and give in to the delight of romance. In essence, you get to be truly and unapologetically you.

To elevate the experience, you can write heartfelt letters beforehand and read them during the first look. Not only will this open your hearts for the upcoming ceremony but will also strengthen your beautiful bond.

First Look does not spoil the emotions

You’ve been dreaming about that priceless moment when you finally see the love of your life standing right next to you. Maybe you think that doing the first look will spoil all the feelings experienced during the ceremony.

As a Settle wedding photographer, I can vouch that it will not. I’ve witnessed overwhelmingly beautiful moments just minutes after doing the first look. Your emotions will surface regardless of your actions throughout the whole day. Privately seeing one another just before the ceremony is very different from seeing one another when you get to say “I do”.

Feel the atmosphere

Your wedding will be a gorgeous and exciting combination of happenings that will evoke different emotions. For many couples, having so many thighs unfolding in one day can make it impossible for them to take it all in. Of course, hiring a wedding photographer to capture those fleeting moments is one of the steps you can immortalize them. But in essence, the first look gives that pause that you both long for. A moment when you can stop and take it all in.

As a Seattle wedding photographer, I have worked with all kinds of clients. To this day on, there isn’t a couple who hasn’t thanked me for persuading them to take the first look. Naturally, I wouldn’t pressure anyone who doesn’t feel like including it in their day, because ultimately, I want what’s best for your story. However, if you are undecided, this may help you clear your mind and make the right decision.

What I really desire is for the couple to be present at the moment and not just reliving it through photographs. I want you to be able to interact with one another and also with your guests. A first look allows you to both enjoy this moment with your beloved and have that intimate portraiture done earlier so that you can spend more time with your loved ones.

Play the safe card

One of the best wedding tips I can give you is to try to think about your wedding day both objectively and emotionally. It’s a day that only comes around once in a lifetime. You choose a date and a location, and you’re ready to go. Even though nothing in this life is ever guaranteed to run smoothly, you can make sure your wedding does. For example, there are numerous moving pieces over which you have no control, such as bad weather, late individuals, traffic congestion, losing daylight to other events running late, and so forth. So, rather than wagering against the odds, attempt to plan things out as safely as possible. That is where the first look comes in.

If you choose to partake in a first-look shooting, it simply means you can finish all of your intimate photos and move on. This will allow you to use the daylight efficiently, take your time and not rush, and get extra space in your timeline that you can use for other things. With these portraits done earlier, you will have time to enjoy the after-ceremony congratulations, group photos, and all the heartwarming chats with your guests during the cocktail hour. There won’t be pressure on whether there will be time to capture it all after you have tied the knot.

Relax and enjoy

A pre-ceremony first look may be an excellent choice if you are concerned about being overwhelmed or apprehensive on your special day. When it comes to wedding photography, I always recommend a first look because it will make you feel calmer and more relaxed. I also encourage couples to relax during the day, and having these intimate moments will allow it. There is nothing like capturing the raw and beautiful emotions of couples in love! Plus, if you feel relaxed, being in each other’s arms, then this feeling will thread throughout the entire day. It will also set the tone for the energy which will be wonderfully translated into your photos.

Naturally, the first look is not for every story. If you have always dreamed about seeing one another for the first time during the ceremony and this doesn’t feel right for you, opt for what complements your chapter best. Regardless of what you choose, your professional wedding photographer will be able to portray all the awe-inspiring emotions that will adorn your celebration.

If you are seeking more wedding tips and inspiration, browse through my other blogs. Need a Seattle wedding photographer? Let’s chat and talk about all the timeless yet creative ways I can capture the essence of your love!

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