Jan 4, 2022

For Your Wedding Planning: 4-Hour Intimate Wedding Day Timeline Example

Happy New Year, couples! And congratulations to you if you are one of those romantic couples who got engaged during the holidays! I cannot be excited for your big day in 2022!!! In the last blog post, I wrote about 11 MUST-HAVE WEDDING PHOTOS and gave you a rough time estimate for each photoshoot. Building on that post, I came back with a WEDDING TIMELINE EXAMPLE, and this one is for you if you are considering hiring a photographer for 4 hours only.

Does 4 hours seem short to you? I know that big traditional weddings can last for 8 to 10 hours, but hey, I know some of you might just want a small, very private, intimate wedding. As a lover of all things real, raw and romantic, I immediately gravitated towards photographing intimate weddings, because there’s more real and meaningful connections and less hustling. There will be more time for you to greet each guests, more time to have a real conversations, more time to make a memory that will actually last.


I, myself, had a 3 hour wedding and hired my wedding photographer for 4 hours, and I seriously LOVED IT from the beginning to the end. I remember each and every person who was there, and I loved every second of it because I wasn’t overwhelmed by too many people.


So, should we get into what it will look like on your wedding day?


2 PM – I’ll show up nice and early wherever you are and spend some time getting to know you and your loved ones before the big day begins.

2:30 PM – I’ll arrive at the location where you’re getting ready and doing your hair and make-up. This is where I will take detailed shots of your wedding gown/suits and can get flat-lay shots of personal touches important to you. I’ll also be snapping away as you and your loved ones get ready so that I can snap all of the beautiful moments in the lead-up to the ceremony.

3:30 PM – The Bridegroom and I will be waiting (excitedly) at your chosen ‘First Look’ destination. I’ll have a camera in hand ready to capture the moment.

4:10 PM – The Ceremony Begins!

4:30 PM – The wedding couple walk (or dance!) back down the aisle together as newlyweds and the celebrations begin!

4:40 PM – As the wedding guests reminisce and catch up before the reception begins, it’s a great time to bring the family together for some family photos! Try to make a list of all of the family members (or closest loved ones) you’d like to get photos with at this time and share it with me before the wedding. That way I can make sure we don’t miss anyone important to you.

5:10 PM – If time allows, this is where I will take some more detailed shots of the reception area for you to look back on before the guests flood in!

5:20 PM – Dine and Enjoy! I’ll make my way around the room capturing beautiful moments and interactions between you and your guests.

5:45 PM – We sneak away from all the craziness to take some gorgeous sunlit portraits! This is the time to unwind and connect intimately with your new forever person while I capture that perfect shot to frame on the wall!

6:15 PM – We slip back into the reception area. This is also a perfect time to cut the cake!

6:30 PM – The photography coverage ends and I say congratulations to you and check with you to make sure everything is covered. After everything is good and done, I say goodbye to you, and head back home to work on your sneak peeks as you enjoy the rest of your night!

So, what did that look like to you? Is this something that you would want on your big day?

When I work with you, we will create a timeline like this specifically for your wedding day. On the wedding day, the timeline will be on my phone lock-screen, so I don’t forget any photoshoots that you desire to have!

Ready to chat more? CONTACT ME so I can better serve you!

Oh, and I will be back with SIX HOUR TIMELINE EXAMPLE next week!

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