Jan 12, 2022

For Your Wedding Planning: 6-Hour Wedding Timeline Example

How is your 2022 wedding planning going? I have been chatting with many bride-to-be’s and it seems like wedding planning is quite stressful for all of you! Whether it is a big wedding or a small wedding, I’ve realized that a wedding is still a wedding! There is A LOT to prepare and having a detailed wedding timeline is definitely the most important thing you should consider.

So during my client meetings, I like to chat about what matters the most to you to capture on your wedding day and plan a rough timeline of the day. When the client meeting is over, I like to take my time right away or that night to make a list of important things that were mentioned and make a rough timeline. And of course, I drop this list in your email inbox hoping this will lessen your burden of wedding planning.

So, as I promised last week, I came back with a WEDDING TIMELINE EXAMPLE, and this time, this is for you if you are considering hiring a photographer for 6 hours! Should we get right into it?

Your 6-Hour Wedding Timeline Example

3:30 PM – I’ll show up nice and early wherever you are and spend some time getting to know you and your loved ones before the big day begins.

4 PM – Our session begins! I’ll arrive at the location where you’re getting ready and doing your hair and make-up. This is where I will take detailed shots of your wedding gown/suits and can get flat-lay shots of personal touches important to you. I’ll also be snapping away as you and your loved ones get ready so that I can capture the beautiful moments in the leading up to the ceremony.

5 PM – Prepared gifts or letters for each other? You’ll be wearing your wedding attire as we capture the gift exchange moment. This could be the time you read a letter from your spouse-to-be or open a heartfelt gift, whatever it is this often evokes a beautiful emotional response that is so special to time-capsule in photos!

5:30 PM – The First Look! The Bridegroom and I will be waiting (excitedly) at the perfect outdoor location – I’ll be ready to capture all the excitement and emotion in his face as he sees you for the first time. Plus, here, we do the Bridal Portrait and Bride & Bridegroom Portrait. 

6:30 PM – All the bridal party gathers together for bridesmaid & groomsmen photos!

7 PM – The ceremony begins!

7:30 PM – The wedding couple walk (or dance!) back down the aisle together as newlyweds and the celebrations begin! (This is a great time to capture a quick celebration kiss at the end of the aisle)! 

7:45 PM – Time to grab your closest family and friends so that we can get photos with all the people that made your ceremony and celebration so wonderful and full! Try to make a list of all of the family members and friends you’d like to get photos with in this time and share it with me before the wedding. That way I can make sure we don’t miss anyone important to you. 

8:15 PM – I will take some more detailed shots of the reception area for you to look back on before the guests flood in!

8:30 PM – Dine and Enjoy! I’ll capture all of the warmth, emotions and embraces as you make your way around the room/tables greeting your guests. This is often where we capture some wonderful, candid moments of love and excitement! 

9:30 PM –  It’s time to cut the cake! If a food fight ensues, I’ll make sure I get all the action shots!

10 PM –  I check with you and make sure everything is good, give you my congratulations and head home to work on your sneak peeks as you enjoy the rest of your night!

Can it really happen like this? Of course, on the day of, everything might just change up a little and you might just need to go with the flow, but it makes a huge difference to have a timeline in mind and to know what is important to you.

When I work with you, we will create a timeline like this specifically for your wedding day. On the wedding day, the timeline will be on my phone lock-screen, so I don’t forget any photoshoots that you desired to have! 

Do you have no idea what kind of photos are important to you? Read my other blog post about ‘11 Must-Have Photos on Your Wedding Day.’ It will be a good starting point!

And! If you are ready to chat more? CONTACT ME so I can better serve you!

Oh, and I will be back with EIGHT HOUR TIMELINE EXAMPLE next week! Until then, HAPPY WEDDING PLANNING!



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