Mar 2, 2022

For Your Fur Baby – Tips on How to Include Your Pets/Dogs in Your Wedding

More and more, couples nowadays are people who have decided to get a pet, or already had a pet throughout their life. This amounts to a lot of furry friends that care so much about you and love you unconditionally. So, naturally, when that special day comes for both of you, you would certainly like to incorporate them into the ceremony. This is such a lovely gesture, and as a Seattle wedding photographer, I have seen it done more often than not.

Couples tend to think that adding a dog to a wedding requires a lot of preparation, but trust me, it really doesn’t! Not when you have all the right wedding tips to help you out. This is why today I am going to answer some questions in terms of how and why to incorporate your dog into your wedding, from a photographer’s point of view.

1. You have decided on including your pet in your wedding ceremony.

Can you ask yourself why?

For all those couples that are just engaged – hear me out – adding your dog to your wedding can be such an incredible thing and a milestone for both of you! It is only appropriate to ask yourself the question of why, since taking a step of this magnitude can mean just a bit of extra planning, but it is nothing compared to having your fur baby with you. In my years as a Seattle wedding photographer, I have worked with couples who have created their special day to even revolve around their pets, and I can safely say it weaves a wonderful atmosphere!

If you have an immense amount of love for your dog and want it to be included in your big day, then by all means, please do include it! Can you imagine your wedding without your furry friends? If not, there is no need to leave them at home. However, several things need to be addressed when you are adding your pet to your celebration but it is fairly simple, so here are a few wedding tips to have in mind:

  • Practice makes it perfect – If you are planning to walk down the aisle with your dog, practice, practice, practice. Maybe having a treat handy will be a good idea too. Also, having the cutie familiarized with the venue is always a plus.

  • Make sure your dog gets enough playtime/exercise before the ceremony – they need their daily exercise and playtime and make sure you take care of that before the craziness hits. Plus, this will help your dog to be more calm and mellow during your ceremony.

  • Give the dog something to do – incorporating the dog into the ceremony can bring out smiles to everyone’s faces, and the dog will be happy too. After that, make sure to have someone to keep them amused, like a dog sitter.

  • Keep your vendors in the loop – your vendors are your best friends for the day, and always make sure to give them a heads up before showing up with the dog.

  • Lights, camera, smile! – any wedding photographer will be happy to take pictures of you with your pets. To be on the safe side, all you need to do is make a list of priority photographs and include your dog.

2. Consider the dog’s personality and behavior.

Man’s best friend is supposed to be treated as such! It is only natural to think of your dog during the wedding ceremony, so a little wedding tip here is to take note of their behavior and know what the dog wants. Is your dog easily distracted? Or maybe it is the kind of pet that is good and sweet with everyone? What about children? These are one of the imperative questions that need answering before deciding to include your dog in your wedding. The personality of the dog is a very important aspect that you need to focus on when you are thinking about this. If there is a chance the dog to start barking in the middle of the ceremony, then it might be the best idea to exclude it and bring it for another part of the day. For example, it can be included in the outdoor reception if not intimidated by crowds.

On the other hand, if the answers to the above questions satisfy your expectations, then the second thing you need to think about is the dog itself. Our furry and fluffy friends can have a limit on their time spent around a lot of people. In this case, as a Seattle wedding photographer, I have noticed that there is always someone to take care of the dog, a familiar person. Often it is a sibling of the bride or groom or a close friend, but it is most important to have a familiar face that guides the dog through the ceremony.

3. Take a safe way to incorporate your dog into your wedding.

Safety comes first, and it is considered from all angles! However you choose to incorporate your sweet little furry friend into your special day, here is one of the best wedding tips – let your photographer know! As a Seattle wedding photographer, I have found it quite easy to add that sort of artistic goofiness that a dog can bring and gently infuse your imagery with it. It is bound to add a charming and quirky touch to the celebration, and all of the guests are going to love this idea! Thus it is important to find a professional that is great with dogs when it comes to wedding photography. Also, assigning dogsitting tasks to some of your loved ones will create a safe ambiance for both your dog and your guests.

Furthermore, another thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the outfit of the dog – is there going to be an outfit at all? Adding a dog to the wedding program can be a very satisfying thing. There are millions of different ways for you to do that, and the most common one that people tend to go for is to have the dog be the ring bearer. Just imagine – your dog being walked down the aisle, carrying your rings, and enjoying every second of it. It is such a fun and memorable thing to do! If your dog cannot walk on its own or gets too enthusiastic, make sure to practice this part several times. Also, someone from your bridal party can help your furry baby do the walk.

Making your dog the star of your wedding day is such a lovely gesture and will definitely add charm to your event. When all things are taken into consideration, you will adore the fact that you decided to include your pets and make them a part of your celebration of love! For any dog-related questions, feel free to contact me. I would be happy to have a chat and discuss some options with you! Plus, I’m all for photographing your pet on your wedding day!

Your vision about how your wedding should look is what matters the most. If you need more helpful information and tips, browse through my other blogs. And if you need a Seattle wedding photographer, don’t hesitate to reach out. I will go above and beyond to realize your vision and document all those memorable moments!

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